Change an existing recipe from Serving Based to Weight Based

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After saving a custom recipe, the option to change the "Serving Sizes" from "Serving Based" to "Weight Based" or vice-versa is not displayed anymore.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thank you!


  • @shimikano , once you have created a serving based recipe, you can always measure it out by grams by selecting "g" from the serving size options when entering it into your diary. Just make sure that all your ingredients are measured in grams; if you have any ingredients that don't have a gram measurement, your diary entry will not be accurate!

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  • Dear Hilary

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply :)

    I think what throws me off is the following:

    Let's say I have a serving based recipe A that has 100 g of bananas as the only ingredient:

    When I use 100 g of recipe A in another recipe B, the weight of this ingredient is indicated as "Unknown":

    If recipe A was weight based instead of serving based, the weight would correctly displayed as 100 g (I checked this).

    So, the question is weather this "unknown" will make the diary inaccurate.

    Thanks again for your support.

  • @shimikano thanks for your feedback. For now, I would suggest trying not to use recipes in other recipes. Instead, try selecting "Edit a copy" on the recipe you would like to add to another recipe and then build your second recipe from there. This way you will be better able to edit and adjust the second recipe, and be able to see all your ingredients in one place.

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  • Dear Hilary

    Thanks for getting back.

    Well, composing recipes and not having to copy the sub-recipes in order to be able to make changes and have these changes automatically applied to all the containing recipes is a central point in my world of organizing recipes.

    Having copies of the same recipes would be a maintenance hell...

    But anyway, thanks for your support :)

  • Hi @shimikano , I understand your frustration! For this reason, we do have a "Retire" function, so you can retire a recipe once you find you are not using it anymore, but keep existing entries in your diary! You can also use the explode recipe feature to edit a recipe to enter a unique version into your diary but retain the original recipe.
    I understand if this does not meet your needs, and we are always working to make Cronometer more user friendly, so we value your feedback and will look in to updating the recipe feature in the future to reflect your concerns.

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  • Dear Hilary

    Yes, I appreciate the "Retire" feature and am very happy with Cronometer in general.

    If you could log

    "Ability to change an existing recipe from Serving Based to Weight Based"

    as a feature request, that would make me even happier.

    Also thanks again for always getting back to me promptly.

    Keep up the good work ;)

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    I'm not an expert and I hope this isn't an intrusion but let me share my take on this. I want to be able to measure my servings by weight in the end. But if something is cooked it is usually impossible to know in advance precisely what the final total actual weight of the recipe is going to be in the end. What I do is name the recipe, "Whateverthisis, per oz." When it is done cooking, weigh the whole thing in ounces and change the number of servings to equal total ounces of the finished dish.

    I'm not positive I understood the question so if the above is not relevant or helpful, my apologies in advance.

    "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants." Michael Pollan

  • Hi @shimikano ,

    Apologies if you have already tried this - but the only way to change an existing recipe from serving based to weight based is to Edit a Copy of the recipe. When the copy opens in the food editor the drop-down menu will appear next to serving sizes where you can choose Serving Based or Weight Based.

    You might like to Retire your original recipe to avoid the confusion of having two recipes with the same name in your list of custom recipes.


    Karen Stark
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  • I would like to request this feature too.

    I enter my recipes using weight, so that I can easily adjust quantities to get accurate 100g samples of a ready-made food (otherwise you have to keep changing the displayed amount from 1g to full recipe every time you enter an ingredient, which is another annoyance).

    But then I sometimes want to measure the food by servings, if it's made of discrete items that always have the same number in the packet.

    If I forget to change it back before I save the recipe, it's too late, and I have to weigh it.

    And it's essential for foods that change weight after preparation. If it's set to weight when you save it (which again, it always is with my recipes), it's no good to weigh it afterwards, because it weighs less than it used to before it was cooked.

    This is a very simple feature; it already exists before you save the recipe, so why can't you just make sure the option stays there after you save it? It's been 1.5 years since the original poster asked.

  • I too wish this one feature could actually be edited in the "edit" section. Not sure why it's a big deal to add that feature. For example, I made a dozen muffins and measure everything in grams. The total amount of ingredients in grams is 887g. I mistakenly entered it as serving based, forgetting that I wanted to do it based on the weight of each muffin. When I weigh all the cooked muffins the weight changed from 887g to 813g. So it would be great to be able to go back and edit this recipe to a weight based one so that I could weigh each muffin that I eat. Not every muffin weighs the same. Who wants to reenter every ingredient to change this 1 feature. It really should be an option under the EDIT feature. Come on cronometer! This is a great app, it could be even better with this.

  • Me too, I'd like to see this feature edited! Sometimes I start a recipe and forget that if I don't choose serving size by weight before I add any ingredients, the weight based option disappears permanently and I'm stuck with only serving based for the recipe.

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    Hello, I would like to share an opinion regarding the issue of editing serving sizes. It is true that once a recipe is saved it's serving size cannot be changed to "Weight Based". However, I recently faced this issue and found it very easy to make a copy and delete the original. It took me less than a minute. Here are some simple steps to follow:
    1.) Click on the three small dots at the top right of your recipe.
    2.) Select "Edit a Copy".
    3.) Edit the serving size in the new copy and save changes.
    4.) Delete the original (via the same aforementioned menu).
    5.) Rename the copy to what you like. I simply deleted the part that said "(Copy)" and hit "Save Changes".

    And voila, a perfect replica with a weight based serving! I was so relieved as I initially thought I'd have to rewrite the entire thing. I hope this helps. Happy cooking!

  • Hey, you're right! Just did that for the few recipes I have w/this problem and now it's all good.

  • Someone did already suggest that...

  • When i click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner under my recipe, i only have save, save a copy, or delete. I don't see 'edit a copy' anywhere. When i save a copy, it does just that...saves the exact recipe and I'm unable to change to weight base. Suggestions?

  • You gotta do it on web site, not the app

  • Ok thanks. So then the question is. Why can't this be done on the app if it can be done on the website? I never use the website unless making a comment.

  • Probably just b/c two different platforms, phone w/small screen vs. web site w/large screen. But I think you can go to the web site on your phone and just do a lot of scrolling.

  • Is that right? Well this is new to me but it definitely makes sense. Apps are so often more difficult to use than websites. I've even had struggles with the Cineplex and Facebook apps in the past. Hopefully newer updates will resolve some of these issues. :smile:

  • I'm a little late to the party, but the series of steps specified for changing a recipe to weight-based, would that work for entering raw rice (pasta, chicken, quinoa, etc) and then editing and entering the actual weight of the cooked product so I could get accurate serving information per gram of cooked product eaten?

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