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  • @phreeksta

    What is it? Where can I find it?

    That's why it's useful to discuss things initially in a forum where more people can contribute ideas.

    I'm also a developer and if I were to do this, I'd made a PWA, not an iOS app that excludes half the userbase and makes data entry a lot more clunky. Meteor.js also make hybrid apps, so you get the iOS, Android and web apps out of the same codebase. But if it's purely for personal use, then iOS only is fine. Though the existence of a Discord server suggests more than personal use?

    Anyway, Cronometer should implement this rather than strange features.

  • It's not really up to us to discuss. With 5M users 6 people are going to decide what everyone wants? I've never used this app on a phone. I'm baffled by people who don't even own a desktop; I use my notebook only when I travel. Everyone does things differently.

  • Who is it up to? Apparently the Cronometer team has no clear mechanism to centralize feature requests.

  • Because they don't want one. A guy wrote an app, he's making money on it. and he works on stuff he wants to work on. It's how small private companies operate.

  • @Lector

    My long answer got lost / or was deleted?! I don't know. Anyway I will keep it short.

    I get your point, but I am an iOS-Dev, so I will do, what I can do best (maybe I will look into Mac apps). I don't plan to learn other tech / languages at the moment.

    Though the existence of a Discord server suggests more than personal use?

    I explained several times now, what I will do. So I won't get into it anymore. Bottom line - I will make an app for me, that helps me accomplish one thing, that is missing in Crono. If someone wants to use it too, fine, if none needs it .. also fine.

  • @CalorieGuru

    Because they don't want one. A guy wrote an app, he's making money on it. and he works on stuff he wants to work on. It's how small private companies operate.

    That is not necessary true. It really depends on the company. In a way, it is totally legitimate to say as company, we do what we want. If you don't like it, just leave.
    But that isn't really smart in my opinion. I think most companies find a middle way, where they still do their thing, but also give the users the most requested features.

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    The "project" is 15 years old. You get tired of working on the same thing your whole life. I've been there. You're enthusiastic for a period of time, you get wealthy, and then you want to work on something different with your time. Maybe that's not the case, but the weird stuff they're adding while ignoring basic features tells me that's the case here. The creator/developer is working on his 68 mustang and he has some vegan dietitians writing code.

  • Is there any update on the Search of dietary entries feature request? It has been requested by dozens of people for years. Thanks in advance for an update on this.

  • Same, biggest missing feature in this project IMO.
    Does affect my willingness to keep using the product as I get tired of entering items again that I know are in the diary but don’t want to spend 10minutes scrolling through a month or two to find them.
    Honestly I don’t understand why this has not been implemented?

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    This would be a highly desirable feature. Individuals are creatures of habit and tend to eat a lot of the same things we've eaten before.

    I was thinking a "Your Foods" tab on the "Add Food to Diary" dialog would be nice. I don't know what a better name for it would be, but it would be view of all the foods and recipes you have entered entered in the past, maybe sorted by most recent or most used. Searching this data subset would be much more efficient for the user.

  • Any news on this feature?

    As someone who has been using Cronometer quite a long time now I'm getting a bit fed up of the fact that basic features like this aren't getting implemented ahead of things like a relatively pointless UI overhaul which didn't really make it much better (and actually made some things worse, such as much less efficient use of screen space!).

    As people have pointed out in this thread, this isn't a super complex feature to implement, in fact the most basic version of it has been described here by a programmer as a "1 pot of coffee project"! We're not asking for anything huge here, just something like a search box and a basic search output where we can click on an item and get taken to that diary entry (in fact I wouldn't even really mind if I couldn't click on items as long as it tells me what the date was so I can easily find it myself!).

    Please Cronometer, listen to your long term users!

  • @Sqsh Agree with you 100%. Core functionality should come before froo froo fluff.

  • It's been another two years, and from what I can tell this feature still hasn't been added so I'll echo my request for it to be added.

    I've been having to use Google Calendar as well, so I could easily make a list of how many times I actually ate a specific food.

  • New to chronometer. Shocked to find I can't search my own diary. Case in point, had a use for seaweed a few weeks back. So many to choose from, but found one that seemed to fit the one I was using. Today I'm looking for foods with higher potassium. Bunch of seaweed suggestions come up. I think "Hey, I wonder how much was in that seaweed I had a few weeks back." Only problem: I CAN'T SEARCH MY OWN DIARY. So, scroll, scroll, scroll... instead of search box on my own data and "seaweed." And, searching again doesn't solve it because I want to find THE ONE I USED before. Are these people crazy? Why wouldn't you have that feature? AFTER SIX YEARS OF REQUESTS FROM YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS! Real simple solution. Start getting on social media and telling folks not to waste their time with an app that doesn't even have a search function for their own data. Makes you wonder how they're using your personal data if it's structured in such a way that it's impossible for them to provide a search function on it. I was excited about getting started with this app. Now I just have a bad feeling. And I just paid my Gold subscription yesterday ..... Big Bummer.

  • Yes! 💯 this would be so helpful!

  • Been using Cronometer gold for about a year and a half now. I would like to add my vote to PLEASE PRIORITIZE this new feature being added. We need to be able to search our diary entries to be able to consistently see how we're logging our food. Logging consistently is even MORE important than accuracy when it comes to hitting your aesthetic and fitness goals. Right now, I have to manually scroll through individual days, often looking through several weeks of entries to find the way I logged a certain restaurant or recipe. That shouldn't be the case. Please complete this in 2023!

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