Search diary entries for food

I would like to be able to search my diary entries for foods that I have logged. As I plan my week's meals, I'd like to be able to search for the last time I entered, "salmon, pink, canned," to see how much it weighed in order to put it into my future diary entries.



  • Hi musicwix97,

    We don't have a timeline for this feature - development and testing can be unpredictable at times and we want to do our best!


    Karen Stark
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  • Would also like to see this feature.

  • Just adding myself to users who would like this feature

  • +1 please add this, it would make the app 10x better instantly

  • It's curious that no moderator has at least weighed in on why they refuse to do this.

  • Based on my experience with software developers the reason is that they think it would be a lot of work.

  • I agree, CalorieGuru.
    Honestly, id take it a bit further and say, how was this not built in (by default/no thought/automatically) when this platform was first being built.

    Very simple to get what all users here wants.

    Its a joke cronometer still doesnt have this. Why would anyone pay for a platform that doesn't have the must rudimentary feature. The fact it hasnt been added is really sad. Cronometer staff should be ashamed, for real. ...sad

  • @CalorieGuru - After sleeping on it and thinking it over, I agree with you. The fault really lies with the product marketing manger, whose responsibility it is to oversee product design and ensure that the product delivers efficiently what customers need and want. Others are involved — user-experience designers, software developers, technical writers, and so on — but it's the product marketing manager who should be held responsible for the final product (and its failures).

    Sure, there may be pushback from various team members — software developers pointing out how difficult some features might be (and thus how much time to implement), UX designers pointing out design flaws that degrade the customer experience, and so on. And some tradeoffs are usually necessary along the way (thus the existence of version 2 of products).

    But this is such a basic feature and the need is so obvious that it's hard to see why it was omitted and even harder to see why it has not by now been added.

    Bad job, product marketing manager! (Writing as a one-time product marketing manager.)

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    A calendar icon next to the food somewhere by the ratio percentage, so after selecting the food, within the add food feature of the main diary screen?

    I guess it might take the community designing this and perfecting the storyboard phase of coding?

    FOODS>>>SEARCH FOODS ... would also be a good location for the calendar icon to appear?

  • I think it would irritate the programmers to try and dictate HOW they do it. The easier it is the more likely it gets done, so don't get greedy

  • Besides, the UX person/team will be working with users to develop the design requirements. The programmers work from the design. They certainly don't make design/UX decisions — at least not in a decent development process.

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    It's a search box, dude. I have projects more complicated than this that I run myself. It's vanilla JS and JQuery. It's a 1 day project for a fat guy with a beard.

  • haha the best we can do is a skinny guy with a mustache :D

    Karen Stark
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  • No chips allowed in the data center? Good Policy.

  • Hi, I really hope this is pushed to the top of the features to implement list. I love the data cronometer allows me to track and am glad to support them but I'm really frustrated with the length of time it takes to find the correct foods and portions. I have many foods that I eat consistently but not every week and I don't enjoy searching day by day for something I know I've already spent the time to enter correctly. Thank you.

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    I've also been wanting this feature (which has been requested since 2017) but I have to accept that it's just not gonna happen.

    It doesn't matter how trivial it would be to implement a feature. Copy/Paste to Today would take at most one hour to implement, and it would save the 3.5 million user base thousands of hours/day collectively. Fixing the pasting timestamp bug again would be trivial, but the team didn't address it.

    The Cronometer dev team is very small, and they have other priorities, which they're not transparent about, and which I'm not sure they manage to centralize that well, given how poor the search in this forum is, which has led to the same topics being asked over and over again.

    One of these "priorities" was the recent dark mode. IMO that's much more of a gimmick than a really useful feature - it's not like people SPEND TIME IN CRONOMETER AT NIGHT LOGGING FOODS; we're not talking about an e-book reader here. Let alone that most people try to not eat much at night anyway. As for exploring your trends, that's best done in the web app, which runs on computers that have night mode settings anyway (as do smartphones...).

    Another "priority" was new splash screens. Maybe the focus is on attracting new users, instead of fixing bugs for existing customers?

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