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When cooking a pancake recipe, for example, the weight of my raw ingredients is 636g, but after cooking the end product weights 550g.

How do I create recipe based on raw ingredients but allow for a diary entry a 40g of “cooked” weight (which will be proportionate amount of all nutrients [636 / 550 * 40 to get weight of the “raw” full recipe])?

If I don’t have this calculation then custom recipe is useless for anything other than consuming whole recipe, recipes with no heat treatment (and subsequent reduction), or where recipe is evenly split into N parts.

Am I not seeing something here? Please help.

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  • Hi there,

    There are a couple of options suggested by other users on the forums.

    The quickest method is to define your recipe as serving based, rather than weight based and then enter in your portion of the recipe. For example, the recipe makes 6 servings and you ate 1 serving (1/6 the total recipe).

    If you prefer to weigh your servings, there are 2 options. First, weigh the recipe before and after cooking.

    Option 1: enter water as an ingredient to your recipe and enter in a negative value equal to the difference in weight before and after cooking.

    Option 2: Add a weight based serving size to your recipe whose weight is equal to the final (cooked) weight of your recipe. When you add a serving to your diary, you can enter in a cooked weight of your serving (in grams) and the nutrients will be scaled appropriately using this serving size based on the ingredients added to the recipe.

    I hope one of these will work well for you!


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