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  • Anyway, I've found "A Calorie Counter" and "FatSecret".

    Thanks @CMacKirnan I will look into these.

  • "Anyway, I've found "A Calorie Counter" and "FatSecret".

    Good to know! Thanks!!

    If Cronometer is SO disrespectful to it's users, as to NOT change it back, I will be moving over to one of these sites. But, before I do, I will delete the YEARS worth of 'Custom Foods' that I have entered into the Cronometer system. One doesn't get to disrespect/ignore and then get to benefit from another's work!

    Was this hideous change for the benefit of cell PHONE users?? To hell with cell PHONE users!!! I'm an ADULT, who uses a computer when online, not some mindless twit, with their face in their PHONE 24/7. It's a PHONE, for GODSAKES!! USE IT as it was INTENDED.....as a PHONE! I do not even own a cell! Those who have their whole lives on a cell PHONE, have serious mental issues. I came to Cronometer as a recommendation from Dr. Mercola. Even HE says to ditch the 'smart' PHONE for a 'dumb' phone (to be used as INTENDED...as a PHONE).

    I wake, this AM, to find a BUNCH more comments, not liking this CHILDISH 're-do' with the website, and I find myself still SO ANGRY!!!! There was NO REASON, whatsoever, to change the FUNCTION and look of Cronometer!!! What the hell is WRONG with people?!?! If this were my company, I'd be firing people left and right! It really comes down to, 'WHAT were you thinking?!".....obviously, they were NOT. Not the kind of people that I would want working for my company! To alienate all of my 'customers' like this?......you'd be FIRED! Always remember.....KISS.....Keep It Simple, Stupid!

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    SH!!! New bad surprise, you used to be able to create new food with your actual custom food available under your eyes so you can remember your templates

    Now OF COURSE it's in a new window with a bunch of totally useless space everywhere and you have to take screenshots on a separate doc to word on your things

    It's a f... nightmare


    EDIT : ah ! sorry, it's not a problem by itself, as it's covered by a bigger problem with server bugs and now I've lost my work on new food and 15mn work. So fun.

    REEDIT : ... which is not such a problem either as when I'm done with entering AGAIN everything, I just can't remember to save the changes as I would have to scroll a billion miles away toward I can't remember what direction. I'm pretty close to throw my computer out the window.


  • "Grow up, admit whoever suggested this redesign was wrong and go back to the old version... Please."

    Agreed! I don't think that there are any actual ADULTS working here. Just a bunch of 'Techie kids' who 'believe' that they KNOW BEST. Spoiled children with entitlement issues. What will happen here, is that they will soon be out of business. Don't give 'the customer' what THEY asked for......Cronometer won't be long for this world. What happens when KIDS run things, is, we get FADS.....stupid, mindless, USELESS FADS. ADULTS, such as myself (I'm in my mid 50's), don't 'do' childish FADS. Adults want FUNCTION. I'll give Cronometer one week.....if things don't go back to what is was.....a SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL site......I'm GONE! In the mean time, I won't even waste my time with my daily inputs.

  • @Hillary The Cronometer response is "Deafening".

  • Some of you have posted about using the product on the phone or tablet implying the new HTML PC browser code is also used on mobile devices.

    I suspect most users will install the "APP" (IOS or android) as opposed to using the phone's web browser. This suggests that the majority of those using a web browser are running on a PC (Windows, Linuz, Mac, etc.) with a big screen unless you have an old unsupported mobile device OS.

    Unless Cronometer knows otherwise (web stats) there is no reason to let them off the hook for a bad browser GUI. These are different tool sets.

    All said a good web app should offer "internal" config options as I have previously suggest.

  • I've lost the energy history on the diary page, something I liked. As a side note, it would be NICE to have a Total Net, so I know what my NET is over the duration of the graph. I see days over and days under, but how am I doing over the last month? I have no idea.

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    Good morning folks! Thanks for all the feedback. We're listening and working hard to refine the new look to address the pain points.

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with adopting a modern responsive design. Things can't always stay the same. Locking the old UI in might please long-time users but it will be a turn-off to attracting new customers who expect a modern appearance.

    However, this release is filled with severe usability issues. It is like the UX team that designed this didn't take into account how people actually use it.

    I think it is fine to drive things forward as long as all the missing features and usability concerns are addressed. Of course, I suspect they won't be.

    The contrast and accessibility will probably be addressed but I have little hope for the rest.

    I am waiting to see what happens but I have already started double-logging in another application and am getting prepared to potentially switch.

  • Is there one positive comment?

    The first one :/

    shopping around for a new program that has the functionality and data I have come to expect from Cronometer Gold.

    I have been testing MyNetDiary in parallel starting this morning.

    That being said, I would much prefer to stay with Cronometer as I have been Gold for 3.5 years myself.

  • @CMacKirnan Definitely understand the frustration of the colours getting mixed up! We are working hard on a fix to resolve this issue and should have it resolved for you very soon! Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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