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  • I noticed now if I bring up the web page new, it has all the white on white issues, but if I just refresh the page after that the background turns brown

    @ChuckClaunch that seems like a bug. That doesn't happen for me.

  • Still no change.







    It's not usable

    Too much scroll

    Too many clicks

    Do you hear us ???

    Who is happy with this ???

    "People were thinking too much data was displayed"


    Do you sincerely have had in the past more than a very few numbers of customers sincerely complaining there was too much data displayed ?

    How come you don't acknowledge we ALL want the same thing ?

    How come nothing is changing and this insane interface is still forbiding us to use our favorite tool ?



  • I really dislike this new interface. This is less functional for me and less attractive. It looks like something built for a phone, but I only use chronometer on my desktop. Will seriously reconsider my subscription.

  • @brian1975 Actually, it isn't built for a phone, in fact, it's not really responsive at all! :D For example, food selection dialog require more space. There are lots of errors when I reduce the width. And now I cannot even add a screenshot...

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    @Hilary, @arachanski, @evan5 As you can see, Hilary, there is still work to do on this bug. See @aranchanski 's screen shot, just above. That is what my desktop page looked like until yesterday.

    And this morning, when I opened the mobile app, I found that it had updated itself during the night (after I had gone to the trouble of installing a previous version) -- and on the mobile app, the colors are NOT fixed. Fat is still showing RED. I hope the software people can sort this out.

  • @Hilary I managed to re-install an older version of the mobile app, before this update roll-out. Everything is working well on that (mid-August 2022), including the colors, and the ability to drag an item to the top of the diary page and have the page scroll while I am dragging -- which is the other bug that needs to be fixed on the mobile app. Dragging down, it will scroll. Up, it won't.

  • The only reason I use the phone is for the barcode when I want to add foods that way but since most of my foods are not processed it is not that frequently.

    I still see all the same issues I have posted about.

  • Dragging down, it will scroll. Up, it won't.

    On Android, it does work but you have drag outside the bounds of where it feels normal to do so. You have to drag all the way to the top.

  • Assuming these comments are still being read I would like to express, in detail, the lowered functionality of the Create Recipe feature. The ability to create recipes and custom foods is why I pay for the Gold Membership.

    Functionality has been reduced. This is more than Format.

    I used to be able to create a recipe and then, from the recipe page sort out which item is the source of a particular micro or macro. For example I have a recipe for hot and sour soup. I wanted to see how to lower the carbs in it.

    No way of knowing anymore from the recipe page. I used to do that quite frequently.

    NOW none of that can be done and I have to import into the diary, manipulate it there then make the same modifications to my existing saved recipe [so that I don't lose the directions, web links etc, else I would have simply created a new custom recipe from the diary.]

    What was simple is now a multistep process going back and forth and for what reason?

    And for God's sake PLEASE change the light green font on custom foods and recipes to a color with more contrast.

  • It is now way more difficult to see the difference between the native system(?) foods and my custom foods when Adding Food To Diary. Custom foods used to be high contrasting blue but now it's a feint green.

  • Just adding to others' comments that the new interface is too zoomed in. I use Cronometer on a computer, and there is just too much negative space. Is there also a dark mode available, as the huge amount of white screen isn't good for anyone's eyes.

    Please at least have a 'compact mode' for computer users, as we like to be able to see almost everything on one screen. If users have vision issues, they can always zoom in... but the default should be zoomed out.

    There is a dedicated app for mobile phone users, so I don't see why the website version should try to behave like a mobile app in terms of UI.

    Anyway, it's a great tool... but the UI needs to revert to the previous version, or at least be completely zoomed out.

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    In case the Cronometer team aren't responding to this (or they just don't care), is there a rival app that does more or the less the same thing, but displays everything on one page (or at least not so zoomed in)?

  • In case the Cronometer team aren't responding to this (or they just don't care), is there a rival app that does more or the less the same thing, but displays everything on one page (or at least not so zoomed in)?

    @squodge, although I didn't want to, I finally stopped logging data in cronometer a few days ago after logging in 2 apps for a week.

    The silence here is deafening. The communication has stopped more or less completely.

    I have been using MyNetDiary. It isn't perfect and I prefer the old cronometer more but it is at least a lot faster to log foods there and the for my needs the database seems to always have what I need.

  • @evan5 I have also stopped logging my daily foods intake; would be a waste of my time, since I had given them a week to fix what they have demolished; and if not, I will delete all of the different foods that I've populated, in 'Custom Foods', over the YEARS that I have been using Cronometer, and going elsewhere.
    I WAS thinking about becoming a 'Gold Member'; SO glad that I did not. If I did, I would be asking for a refund!! Since this new crap would be not what I'd paid for. It would be like if someone rented a car for a year, and then, all of the sudden, the car rental place came and took the tires, steering wheel and engine out of the car.....and they still expected you to pay for that rental car. The car (Cronometer) NO LONGER FUNCTIONS/NOT USABLE AS INTENDED.....the 'contract' has been broken by THEM......the car rental place would have to make a full refund.

  • We're just internal & beta testing a few changes including showing the full calendar on wider screens, so hopefully will have a few more improvements going out over the next few days.

  • @Aaron Thank you and please can you let us know if you intend to do something about the zooming (an option to have everything at the same spot as it used to be) ?

    Your "full calendar on WIDER screens" is frightening. Means we would stay very very far from target. (Also, I don't have a "wide" screen.)

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    Testing a free Crono account as I'm not sure I can deal with all this and will probably have to ask for a refund. With a very heavy heart.

    So I may use Crono only to check quickly (... well... not too slowly at least :/) some micronutrients combinations. But it appears it won't be easy.

    People with free accounts do you have this bug where you can simply not see anything as the freaking add appears RIGHT WHERE YOU ENTER THE FOOD ?


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    Throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

    I agree the changes to the user interface for desktop users merit the complaints. Some I am adapting to and others (the changes to recipe functionality and the faded out diary fonts) are extremely frustrating to me. I also agree that those of us who complain are a miniscule part of the audience for the program.


    • Cronometer is the most powerful and user customizable tracking platform have found bar none-far better than any of the alternatives people are suggesting.

      • Databases are maintained and accurate. That alone is major.
      • Calculations are spot on.
      • Customizability is amazing...including for DRIs
      • Full data export is available if you want to geek out.
      • Food suggestions /Oracle (Gold)
      • Recipe management and import (Gold)

    As one who is NOT on a keto diet but is low calorie, primarily vegetarian, not eating processed grains and sugars, those micros (some of which I use custom DRIs after research) are critical to me.

    I lost 140lbs using this program (a feat for a senior lady), gained back 40 after dropping off due to various family issues and am back knowing this approach needs to continue as a necessary part of my life. So it does make a difference.

    Would love to see a summary of comments though and ranked [kind of like a survey monkey poll] of all active users

  • @jocoyn " I also agree that those of us who complain are a miniscule part of the audience for the program."

    I don't agree. I think that this is a great sampling of 'like' vs 'don't like'. I looked at the comments on Wastebook (facebook), and the majority do NOT like the new changes. There were a few comments that made me come to the conclusion that they did not know that this forum even exists. So, I would say that most don't know to come here, and have a voice/speak their mind. Then there are those who will not say anything; those types who 'don't like to make waves', as it were. So, between this forum, wastebook comments, TWIT-er comments......one gets a really good perspective on the % of 'likes' vs 'don't like'; and the 'DON'T LIKE' are, indeed, the majority.

  • @DawnieRotten. Given the statement that there are about 6,000,000 users, there would need to be a random survey of about 400 people to sample the true opinions of users. People are also not inclined to comment with kudos, just complaints. I know I never felt compelled to come on and say "thank you thank you thank you" when the added the functionality of being able to import recipes.

    I only see maybe 60 comments on FB and many of those were made by the same peopl, so far fewer people. All I am saying here is, perhaps we need to put in perspective.

    I have used this for five years and, while frustrated, it is not the end of the world. The platform is still functional. It is,however, in Cronometer's best interest, as well as our own to address the major comments in a positive manner.

  • @jocoyn Some people do, some people don't 'give kudos'. I'm one of the ones who will, when deserved. As far as 6 million users......there maybe 6 million who have 'signed up' (have an 'account') with Cronometer, but things like this are like 'New Years Resolutions'......they start off all well and good, then get abandoned. lol
    It takes real commitment to come to Cronometer, every day/several times a day, and enter ones data. I don't see 6 million people doing this, on a daily basis. 6 million people signing up to Cronometer?......I don't doubt that for a moment. But 6 million active, daily users?......I question that.

  • I am not sure the statistics matter all that much on an individual basis. We all use this tool in our own way and all have different priorities.

    Ultimately, what matters is the impact it has on us personally and if it bothers us enough to switch to another solution with all that comes with that.

    For me, at least where the product stands right now, the answer was "yes". For my specific usage it has become too cumbersome to use and I was able to find options that met my needs better than the current state of this product.

  • @MagpieBavarde this one looks like a bug! It's not our intention to place ads overtop of important information! I'll have a look into this; thanks for reporting!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Website referenced here. The new color scheme doesn't make sense to me. It would be nice to be able to choose my own. Being able to move the macros to the top of the page would also be nice for quick glancing. Still waiting for dark mode.

  • Having experienced and formally reported some recent bugs (the BP chart bug on the bugs forum and the wrong data import bug by logging a problem and concurring on the uanswered issue with Garmin sleep import) it is frustrating to see a long list of bug reports on the forum with zero answers by Cronometer staff

    Is design more important than function?

  • @DawnieRotten given the usual conversion rate, I'd estimate the number of active users at 50-100 thousand.

  • the new design was so successful that made me discover this forum to tell how bad it is. (mostly using from web)

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    I love the advices on how to deal with the new interface that shows so few data

    The advice is for Gold members to COLLAPSE THE DIARY GROUPS

    Cause you know, that's not the main information and the reason why we want our tool back as it was.

    Very secondary information. Who needs that ?

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