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  • I noticed yesterday that the calendar has been moved to the right of the diary and now displays a full month in the web version like the former version. Good change! Thanks!

  • YES !

    Calendar back + 80% zoom = MUCH MUCH BETTER

    Such a relief !

    That doesn't solve everything and I still prefer the old interface and there's still too many more clicks & scrolls but that's super encouraging and a tremendous improvement vs. the nightmare it was a few days ago !

    Will start recording my food again this week-end, see how it goes and report

    THANKS ! 🌻

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    OK for me the next best thing to do would be to switch notifications & account icon on the left menu as it's wasting space at the most precious place (where we want to see as much as possible as our daily input) for something that could totally & easily fit in the left menu. I could get used to this left-instead-of-top menu if it at least allowed us to gain a bit of this precious space lost with the new interface ;)


    EDIT : or may be you could just put it above the calendar ? Just before the daily target editor ? If you really want it to contrast from the rest of the menu ? But honestly it's absurd to allocate such an important foreground place to some icons we will NOT use on a daily basis and will just be standing here... doing nothing... wasting our precious daily intake space ;)

  • ... Afterwhat the next big issue for me personally is the lack of contrast between regular foods & favorite foods. Before it was black vs VERY BRIGHT BLUE, it was far less pretty of course but far more convenient too. I'm under the impression that you already improved the contrast and it's a bit easier to see now ? (or perhaps I'm just so happy to have my calendar back that I see everything in a positive way, I don't know ^^)

    Anyway, it's still kinda hard to read, it demands a specific effort, a game of "spot the difference" : a lighter green would be welcome to reduce the effort to "no effort at all"


    That said, I confirm already that the pleasure is back with the return of my beloved calendar. I realize it was by far what annoyed me the most. That's such a huge relief. I really want to love this tool as much as it deserves it !

  • @Aaron @Hilary I refreshed the desktop diary page this morning, after having not even used it for a couple of days, and was pleased and surprised to see the calendar to the right (I have a wider screen, if that makes a difference), the nutrients on the main diary page now in columns, and the items on the sidebar, if minimized, popping out as a drop-down menu. All of those things make the main diary page (which is where I spend most of my time) very much easier to use, and it shows that you ARE listening to the complaints and trying to figure out a way to deal with them while not abandoning your new UI. Much appreciated.

  • Agree with others. The restoration of the calendar, that one change by itself, has made me willing to stay with this program. That was the thing I missed the most, aside from the colors of the macronutrients needing to return to what they were. They are at least (for me) green for fat, blue for protein, red for carbs, which is great, although the green chosen is a very much lighter color, kind of pastel and washed out, not very nice to look at -- but it works.

  • Getting there! Still needed to be addressed is the GRAY % progress 'bar'; gray 'bar' on black numbers. The brain does not take in the info the eyes are looking at. The % progress bar(s) need to be in color(s).

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    Would it be possible, later, at some point, to instantly sort the foods within each category (for Gold) or within the one and only category (for others) either by name, by amount or by calory ? (or by hour of course) That would be splendid

  • I agree with the grey bars. Somehow my brain doesn't want to register either the grey as an indicator. Was working much better with a pale yellow - pretty please !

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    BUG - When the list of food items substantially fills the page, the right click menu can open such that the menu selections are off the screen. The menu should open up instead of down

  • BUG - Navigation between the Diary items "amount" and "unit" fields works from amount to units, but not units to amount (directly). One needs to select something else (on the page) prior to navigating back to amount (MS Edge on Windows)

  • The update earlier this week is an improvement.

    The Calendar, now on the right, can be expanded and appears to stay open through browser sessions. The browser window needs to be of a certain (unknown but ~1400) width, otherwise the calendar reverts to being on top with no expansion arrow. If one sets the width just past the conversion point, and then closes the left menu, one might expect with more width, the calendar would again be on the right, but this is not so (BUG?). I would rather see the descriptions word wrap and keep the calendar to the let to a 960 width (ie 1/2 page width)

    The Diary now expands in width when the menu is closed. This was a fixed width before and the entire table just moved left/right when the menu was closed/opened. Other sections still work the old way.

    Not mentioned in this thread that I recall, but unveiled with the original "New Look" a Dashboard function. While I suspect there is more to do here, this NEW feature appears to offer the capability for the user to enable\disable features (widgets). Not much there yet, but a start. It would be nice to be able to position elements on the page.

    • Settings => Display => Dashboard. ATM, there are 4 elements that can be turned on and off.
      I just use the Diary TBH, so cool but.....

    New I think today are some different icons at the top of the Diary and the ability to collapse the Diary pane to a line. While this lets you see more of the other items with out scrolling, not sure how I feel about this yet. I would still like to see an option to set a font size (ie page scale).

    It seems like MS Edge will allow me to set an individual page scale, and unlike Firefox not force other tabs to the adjusted scale. Not tested Chrome. This helps the scale issue. 80 % seems good. Still some more contrast between the panes and the background would be good.

  • One issue I have had since the GUI update this week was being able to post to this forum.

    While I was logged in to CronOMeter, if I went to the Forum either by a saved (open) link or from the menu

    • About => Forums

    I would see the Sign In link at the top of the page. If I clicked the link a new Dashboard page would display, with no need to login.

    Tried on 2 PCs with both Edge and Firefox, same issue.

    I just discovered that by going to

    • Help => Community Forms => Say Hello

    would bring me to the Forum as my logged in user.

    Anyone else having posting issues?

  • I love having the calendar back and returning some of the graphs would be nice - there is room in that column to do so. Honestly, this could be customizable ("show on home page"--

    I still would REALLY love to get rid of that washed out green on recipes and custom foods though. Surely that can go back to the blue?

  • BUG - In the diary, once I select a single item to view its Macronutrients, I am unable to find a place to click to return the Macronutrients display to ALL the items in the Diary.

    I thought there was a place to click, prior to the last update, but at this point all I can do is select another date and then today again.

    In the old GUI, one could return to the full Macronutrient summary by pretty much clicking anywhere on the page OUTSIDE of the list of the day's food items.

  • I thought there was a place to click, prior to the last update, but at this point all I can do is select another date and then today again.

    @RangerZ you can also press the selected item a second time to unselect it.

  • @evan5 - Oh, that's way too easy, but was not intuitive. Probably the only place I did not click on the page, Thanks.

    I still think this should be improved

  • Still trying to adjust to the update. I honestly don't remember how this worked in the old version so, perhaps, I am complaining about something that I should have mentioned before. However, I don't think that this was a 2-step process before. I am referring to making changes to a recipe. When I make a modification to a recipe, the program asks if I want to apply that modification to all previous times I've entered that recipe in my diary "Would you like to update past entries with the changes you have made?" If I press "No", it returns me to the New Recipe page and I have to go back to the Recipe List to find that recipe again so I can enter it in my diary today. It seems obvious to me that I am modifying the recipe for use today, so why doesn't the program simply leave me on the Recipe page where I've just made the modification. I have lots of recipes that I change daily as I modify one thing slightly. For example, I have a recipe for eggs and cheese on toast. The weight of the eggs and cheese are probably going to change each time I make this recipe. I'm obviously making that change because I'm planning to eat that food right then, so why do I have to search for it again? If there is some logic to taking me back to the recipe list, it is beyond me. If anyone understands why they have programmed Cronometer to do this, please enlighten me. If there is not, I would really appreciate it if you could leave us on the same page.

    Thanks for all of your efforts to listen to your faithful users. I would still like to go back to the old version, but I'll continue to use Cronometer because I haven't seen anything else that compares to it in terms of the amount of information you provide for free. As I said, I'm doing my best to adjust.

  • I was off the site for the Thanksgiving holidays. I just got back on and can't believe the mess that I see. Looking at previous posts in the forum when the new look was first rolled out I find it hard to believe that what I saw today for the first time was acceptible as an improvement. I can't imagine it being any worse that what I see now. This used to be the best site of it's kind, what a waste!

  • @spbill02 , while I agree with you, you should have seen it a few weeks ago. It was much worse.

  • That is pretty sad.Are they considering offering a choice to go back? or are they just trying to fix it piecemeal. It seems the main problem is that the website verision of the app is clearly a mobile app structure and doen't work on larger screens very well (and never will I'm afraid) There are other problems with the new app as well but I see that as the main driver of the problems I see.

  • NOT A FAN! :# I haven't renewed my Gold membership after previous unpleasant changes, and you can be sure I will not be redoing now for sure! This set up may be perfect for a phone app, but on a laptop (as I am using) it is really bad! It's hard to find things I need, the screen to search for food closes when I try and scroll, the diary portion takes up my whole page. I can't just do at-a-glance assessments. I have to scroll all over the page looking for what I need. To name just a few issues.

    If I am going to complain I am also offering a solution. May I suggest giving us a choice how we would like it to be set up? Many sites have a personalization option for their users. They may have several styles to choose from. Why not make that available to us? Classic for those who prefer the older look and function, modern for the ones who like the newer version etc... Maybe offer 3-4 styles that would suit a variety of users , because you have people of all ages and abilities that you must consider. It's not fair to anyone otherwise. And do so WITHOUT CHARGING or requiring an upgrade to do so. This would make your site top notch. I left the abhorrible environment of My Fitness Pal to come here because they were so terrible. Please don't make me go looking for another site! :|

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    REVISON NOTES- I think, especially those following this thread, would appreciate revision notes after changes and bug fixes. Please post online in another thread with link here, or directly here.

    Nothing jumps out at me as changed, but again like most of use, we focus on the Diary. If you are making other improvements, they may go unrealized.

    My reported bug on navigation in and around the unit fields (See Nov 29) is NOT fixed.

  • @jocoyn (See Dec 2) "I love having the calendar back and returning some of the graphs would be nice - there is room in that column to do so. Honestly, this could be customizable ("show on home page"--"

    The fasting widget is totally useless on the dashboard for me. It needs to be back under the calendar column on the diary page or at least give me the option to show it there. This is particularly true since fasting still has a bug, not starting when scheduled, unless you edit the already scheduled fast (web version).

  • Why/where have the android slide animations gone?

    Live Well,


  • Default view on login to DIARY please.
    This new layout sucks a big one

  • "Default view on login to DIARY please."

    YES! or at least a config option.

  • I gave it a fair shake and waited for them to offer the ability to return to the old useable desktop interface. They can keep their drab, useless company colors if they want, but I want the old, one stop interface with the small bars and easy to access and read information. That informative, easy to use interface is what brought me to Cronometer back when they were just starting out.

    Not sure why they think this clunky mess is better, but I've given them plenty of time to show they actually care. I cast my vote with my wallet and cancelled my sub. I can't justify playing for something I didn't ask for.

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