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    This is marginal to the discussion, but -- for those of you who write fiction, you may be familiar with NaNoWriMo. A few years ago, NaNoWriMo was obliged to do a massive update to their site, and their attached forums, because the old one had been hand-built and was starting to crash under the weight of so many thousands of users. But the new main site and forum site they came up with made a lot of the same mistakes as this Cronometer update does. Unfriendly to visually impaired users, took a lot of the functionality out of the site, removed a tool which was a huge factor in motivation and did not replace it with anything, unfriendly to users with ADHD and/or autism spectrum disorders. Many thousands of people left and did not return. The "new" NaNoWriMo attracts a completely different set of users, pleases fewer people, and is not faithful to the design and purposes of the founder.

    I'm rather expecting the same thing to happen here.

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    If I can't find a good alternative, I can always go back to what I was doing before I found Cronometer, which was keeping my own tracking in an Excel workbook.

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    @Hilary You mean making fat totals display in red was not done on purpose? That's good to hear. If you can fix just this one thing, I'll stay, reluctantly. I don't like the loss of functionality on the desktop program, nor the trying to make it work like a cell phone (you already have an app for that), but I can deal with it if the colors get fixed.

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    @evan5 I'll look at that one, too, before starting to enter all my custom data into a new program I might not stay with.

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    @Aaron Maybe you could make it so that Gold users have access to the old interface? I would be willing to pay for that.

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    @Hilary The old colors for the macros, un-altered, are in ONE other place -- the "energy consumed" chart under Charts. If that's helpful.

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    @CMacKirnan Changing the macro colours absolutely was not done on purpose! We really appreciate you reporting this to us, as we can then address it and get it fixed up! Our developers are working on resolving this issue! Thanks so much for your patience!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Same question here.

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    We've just updated the web version with some improvements to padding and font sizes. One of many changes to come, please bear with us as we address the feedback and bug reports.

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    @Aaron the sizing and padding is definitely an improvement.

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    Agree, that's better and gives hope. Thank you ! Let's wait & see what happens in the days to come then.

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    There is no bug, its just a hideous and unneeded overhaul.

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    If you really want to spoil all this space on the left (why not IF and ONLY IF you can fit a perma-calendar somehow like it used to be) then for god's sake get rid of all this upper space and put this "account" icon on the left too to gain a little more space for the displayed informations. We're still very far from the target...

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    As much as I hate this and want you to simply roll back to the old version and at least restore the calendar as well as the option to view the nutrition info for each component in a recipe...........

    **PLEASE **increase he contrast between custom foods/recipes and standard foods in the all menu. I normally add recipes and custom foods not in the database and the contrast between the green and black is very low. I think it used to be blue and stood out.

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    @Corpuscular Kids today think 'modern', a totally meaningless word, is a wonderful thing. I'll define 'modern' as NON FUNCTIONING; USELESS; UGLY; a MINDLESS FAD.

    I've been doing a little poking around, on the Cronometer company. Although I am not on Wastebook (Facebook) and TWIT-er, I popped on these to see that most of the comments, about this 'new look'....people hate it.

    Cronometer, from Revelstoke, BC Canada, has roughly 35 'staff', and TWELVE of those are 'software engineers'. So, I was correct with my earlier statement, that there are people who need to 'justify their jobs'. Why a 'Nutrient Tracking' website (company) needs THAT MANY employees, with TWELVE of them 'software engineers', is beyond me! Since we are now moving into a period of time, where 'Techies' are being canned, left and right (everyday, it's in the news); TWIT-er, Wastebook, et al....are ALL TRIMMING THE FAT at these companies. The days of 'paying employees to play at work, with free food', are coming to an end. And it seems Cronometer is no different, since they use the fact that Revelstoke is a 'play in the mountains' town, in BC.....they use this 'tool' to entice potential employees. Maybe they should stop 'playing' in town, and start paying attention to what their 'CUSTOMERS' are demanding. But then again, maybe Cronometer is all about GREED, in addition to 'Play Time in the Mountains', and their only concern is hooking up with Big Tech (like Samsung).....to get more $$, which translates to more Play Time in the Mountains......and TO HELL WITH OUR CUSTOMERS!! One day, soon enough, they'll LEARN (since they are just kids), that the direction that they are headed in, is actually a really BAD business model......but it will be at OUR expense; most of us will be gone, by the time these kids grow up (if ever??)! The 'Tech Bubble' is bursting, yet again. If Cromometer wants to STAY RELEVANT (aka IN BUSINESS), they had better give their customers what they are demanding.

    Tracking tech with the founder of Revelstoke-based nutrition app Cronometer

    So-called 'Fitness watches'......another DUMB FAD!
    Cronometer Is Bringing Unprecedented Health Tracking to the New Galaxy Watch4 Series

    So, you see, People, that Cronometer is too busy 'playing in the mountains' and 'playing with BIG Tech', to worry about what you or I think/want! They cannot be content with being a 'small tech' company, who has a great product, that people LOVE......NO!.....they want to be 'ROCK STARS' ('BIG Tech'). We all know what happened to those 'Rock Stars' from the 1980's.....they're all now flipping burgers at McDonald's and now irrelevant!
    But, Karma ALWAYS Rights a wrong! Since it IS the Law of the Universe.

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    Okay, after a few days of use I see some of the changes are okay.

    The meal groupings can be expanded or minimized and this allows me to see the totals without scrolling down and still see the meal macro total.

    I can get use to the sidebar to get to the diary, although the diary as the default landing page would be awesome.

    I see you have the ability for darker font-the totals on the meal line are much darker than the entries for food. Contrast is always good in font and the grey font kind of bleeds into the the white background. If all the font was dark it would be a huge improvement.

    I see from the comments that a bunch of us use your site on a desktop versus the phone and I think maybe that wasn't what your thinking was.

    I'm sorry you're getting creamed on the new look. Nobody likes change and the first instincts are to bitch about it. Just as all change is not good, all change is not bad either.

    "I've never considered excessive sanity a virtue" Mike Uris, San Antonio Express-News, 2002

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    If you want your diary as the default, simply bookmark


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    Hi all,
    Brian here, one of the originals at Cronometer.

    First of all, let me say that we are immensely proud of what our team has built in the past, and what we've all built together in this rebrand. We're also humbled by the passion all you folks have for something that we built.

    We've been reading, and working to address your feedback since we launched our rebrand on Monday.
    We know it's not possible to please everyone, we are striving to get to a place where most are as happy as us with the change.

    To be clear, we will not be reverting back to our old brand or UI.

    We will however continue to adjust the new layout to address the feedback we're received.
    To this point, we've already had 6 software releases in the last 2 days, with more in the pipeline for the next few days.

    Please keep the feedback coming.

    I would ask you all to keep your feedback to the product - attacks on our staff are not going to be tolerated, and will result in a ban from these forums. Each of our team have poured their time, heart and soul into Cronometer for years and are not here to be attacked personally. We can have differences of opinion without resorting to personal attacks.

    To be blunt, any feedback that's coming in the same post with an attack on our staff will go straight in the trash, where it belongs.

    Do know that you are being heard, we are working to perfect this substantial change in our site and app, and stay tuned for updates throughout the rest of the day/week.

    Yours in health,

    Brian D

    Brian cronometer.comAs always, any and all utterances here are covered by our T&Cs:https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/27/governing-terms-and-disclaimer

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