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This is something that would be a benefit for gold members. Currently when you paste a food from another day, it also copies over that day's time. It would be nice to have an option to also paste at the current timestamp so you don't have to go back and edit it.


  • I would add in the ability to see date/time so that you know when something happened. I've connected my FitBit and would like to see when an entry was made so that I can tie it back to specific exercise. For example, if I walk the same course three times in a day, my stats for each may be different due to level of effort and other factors.

  • I'm not sure if it's just Fitbit, but with my Garmin activities get logged at a specific timestamp of when I started, as long as I l log it as an activity with my watch. The rest get put in "Daily Activity" without a timestamp which makes sense as it's just calories from moving about during the day.

    I've not tried doing the same activity twice in as single day, though. I may test that at some point soon.

  • I would also love this. My most common use for paste is to take dinner from the night before as leftovers for lunch or dinner the following day. I'd be fine with just changing the paste behavior to always be when you paste it, but if some people like keeping the old time, then maybe there can be an option at the time of pasting or a global setting.

    1. I wouldn't use the date/time of when the users pastes the change given that I myself have copied/pasted things in the morning for later in the day and later in the day for something that happened earlier.

    2. Showing the date/time would help in identifying when an entry from an external device is being duplicated in error. I'm currently thinking that some of the entries from Fitbit are being duplicated. However, I'm not able to prove it due to lack of information within Cronometer.

  • I also came here to report this issue. Copy/paste from one day to another also copying the time-of-day over is not the behavior I expected at all.

  • I hear your pain point here, and have passed along your feedback for review.

    We did add an option to change the time stamp of a whole diary group, or selection of foods to help with this. On the website, click on a diary group, or hold the shift key and click items you would like to include. Then right-click on the selected group or items to add a timestamp to the selected items. That way you don't have to change them all one-by-one.

    Karen Stark
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  • Currently when you paste a food from another day, it also copies over that day's time. It would be nice to have an option to also paste at the current timestamp

    Let's call this what it is: pasting a food and inheriting its timestamp is a bug :) There's just no use case to prefer that old timestamp over when you pasted. The chance that old timestamp was correct is literally 1 / (24 * 60).

    Pasting with the timestamp from where the foods were copied, is a bug that has been reported since 2019.

    Cronometer team, please, this is really a trivial fix. I don't know what priorities you guys have, but fixing this is one line of code, or at most two, if there isn't a loop already to process all pasted items. I'm beyond curious as to how this hasn't gotten fixed since 2019.

    Also, it's really annoying that the search feature of this forum is so poor that when you look for "paste timestamp", you find nothing.

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