What integration would you like to see next?



  • Wyze scale would be nice

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    Oculus Quest. Both Quest 1 and Quest 2 now come with calorie burned tracker so should be relatively easy to pull data from there.

  • Running step count from Apple/Google Health would be a nice/simple win since y’all already have the Apple Health integration.

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    Hello, Xiaomi Mi band5 / 6 and the app Mi fit.

  • Huawei

    It would be great to have Huawei Health support to sync workout data from my wearable.

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    Another vote for an integration with HidrateSpark water bottles from me 🙌


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    Wyze Scale. I would like integration with the full list of Wyze scale body measurements. I just started using the scale and it seems to be very accurate and easy to use. Numbers compare with my previous scale that cost 4x as much. Thank you

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    Would love to see a Widget developed

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    My new hearing aids ( Starkey edge AI) can track biometrics. Can you connect?

  • Going to echo https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/comment/7709/#Comment_7709

    Integrating with smartlabel would be AWESOME. Even just as an automated way to create a new Custom food or database submission.

  • I'd like total calories from Samsung integration, instead of just exercise. There are days I do no exercise because I work a long day, but may do 20K steps, and I get base metabolic caloric burn.

    Since you already integrated the glucose and ketone readings from Keto Mojo devices, why not import the third number, the GKI. It's kind of pointless to import two of the numbers and have to manually enter the third. Thanks in advance.

  • I’d like integrations to actually be implemented…

    ive suggested a number, and they and others here are not being actioned !!!

    can we see a roadmap of what is planed and when it’s planned for ???

  • I'd like for anything that can be taken from the Amazon Halo Band to be integrated please. Ketone measurements from Keto Scan and body measurements from Fit Index would also be great.

  • It'd be nice if calories and hydration data could be exported to Google Fit.

  • Do we just do our post suggestions here, and no action plan is fed back to us ???

  • It would be nice to extend the sync with samsung to send the nutrition data over to it and to pull the new body metrics (fat, muscle mass etc) from samsung to cronomter

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    Upgrade Glucose Ketone Index chart to color codes to reflect GKI bands. ≤3, 3-6 & 6-9.

    Me, Sandee & German Shepherd Dog Zeus Full Time RVers that left Illinois for better weather.
    Using the KETO "diet" for weight loss but working on making keto a life style.

  • As a user, I would like for Amazon Halo to be the next integrated device.

    At the current time, it makes it difficult for me to get a better estimate of the calories that I need per day based on my Amazon Halo's activity monitoring.

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    As a user, I would like for Xiaomi Wear to be the next integrated healthy App.

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    Apple Watch complications for calories consumed, burned, and remaining.

    already circular UI. Would love to know at a glance of the wrist how I’m doing in those regards.

  • Please add integration of the amazon halo if it is not already. Thank you.

  • It would be an excellent improvement if cronometer's nutrition data could be sent to garmin connect (as myfitnesspal does).

    It would also be nice to be able to give a normal range for biometrics on the graphs - e.g. low and high for glucose etc.

  • @Henacynflin unfortunately Garmin has some sort of an exclusive deal with myfitnesspal and have rejected our requests to do access that private API. Feel free to tell Garmin how you feel about that :-)

  • Wellue getwellue.com I'm not sure they support sharing with anyone, but with BP, sleep, Oximeters, thermometers, pap machines, EKG, scales, most using a mobile and/or PC/Mac app you would think they would have some sort of API cronometer could connect with.

    I picked up their ECG monitor and thinking about their scale and a BP monitor, but I'm not inputting all that data by hand, so will probably go with one that is supported.

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    Voted other, would love to see WHOOP integration in the future.

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    The Abbott Labs Freesyle Libre is a lifesaver for diabetics. Yet there is no Integration of this device. Linking the carbs tracked in Chronometer to gloucose measurements is very important... Been asking about this for a long time.

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    Not sure if this vote is still active, but has the Coros family of watches (Pace-2, Apex, Vertix) been considered for integration?

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