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    Connection with Whoop would be great!

  • Yes please. Keto mojo and Cronometer were born to work together, especially for those of us using keto for health reasons beyond weight loss.

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  • How about giving us some sort of API access so we can build some of our own integrations? :)

  • I'll chime in and agree with improving integration from other apps. I'm not saying Crono should carry the full burden. May be the solution is a third party app that exists to integrate all the health and fitness apps. Crono is my default because it allows entry by hand if necessary and has some charting ability. Keep up the good work.

  • Huawei

    Whoop Strap? That is a big one, by market share. Most of my clients use it for sleep and activity tracking, or the Oura, which is now supported.

  • KetoMojo +1000. I wouldn't doubt half of us using Cronometer for keto tracking use this appliance already. Please consider it!

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    Renpho. Everyone who tracks food tracks weight, and Renpho is one of the more popular scales. I know 10 other people have already asked and I am just cluttering the thread, but maybe that will help get it sooner.

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    @bvbellomo Cronometer seems to already track this via Apple Health. I have a Wyze scale and it automatically imports weight and body fat% no problem.

  • I would love to be able to sync sleep data from Sleep is Android into Cronometer without using Google Fit. The Google Fit transfer workaround doesn't work well, the data gets messed up.

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  • TomTom

    RENPHO all the way .....

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    Contour Next One for Glucose biometric up to Cronometer and then also diet data down to Contour. Thank you

  • Oura integration is not complete. For me, it only pulls data once a day - the first time I fire up Cronometer for the day - otherwise it doesn't seem to go out and get updated activity data. Is this common for others too?

    The result is that it really only gets my sleep hours and heart rate information - plus a very tiny activity number (the activity since waking and first checking my oura application - the 1st ring sync of the day).

    It doesn't seem to be integrated with the Oura if it doesn't go out and pull the latest info each time you look at the diary (or at some predetermined frequency).

  • Another vote for Keto Mojo... would be amazing to see correlation between KM readings and meals

  • The best thing you can do to support integrations is to create an API that enables sharing of data with other apps/platforms. Your app is a lot better than MyFitnessPal (MFP) but they have a larger marketshare because they have prioritized the API development from the very beginning. A lot of applications can integrate with MFP without waiting for them to create the integration. You should not focus on building integrations. You should build a great app, with superb data accuracy, and make that data available to share using an API. That will open up many, many opportunities for you.

  • Integration with Practice Better would be awesome!

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    An integration with Spoonacular would be fantastic. They let you meal plan ahead, calculate your food cost, and then generate a grocery list. I'd love to be able to send a day from the meal plan to Cronometer to automatically log all my nutrition and see it against my biometrics and Garmin data.

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    Whooooooooooop Strap! Woot whoop woot whoop! Zippidy whoop please.

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    Whoop strap please!

  • Huawei

    FORA ketone and glucose meter data from their app: https://www.fora-shop.com/collections/ketone-products

  • I would like it to sync with the Fora 6 glucose/ketone monitor, along with the Dr. Boz ratio.

  • synching with some glucose monitors, great idea. i bet the featurewould draw in new users and dedicated

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    If and when undertaking Glucose Meters, please include Contour One. Thank you, great idea.

  • Nutrisense cgm.

    You have Biosense for ketones, pulling in a cgm to add glucose would be huge and provide a great package for a large market. As it is, I manually input food into Nutrisense as a description and I have to also manually add ketone readings. The whole thing is flipped around as it’s the detailed food tracking that would make more sense to add glucose and ketone tracking to (I.e. in Conometer). That’s where the analytics would be more powerful as it largely starts with food.

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    Never heard of nutrisense... sounds a billion times better than my freestyle libre

  • For those of you in this thread who had ben requesting Keto-Mojo, today's the day! Enjoy :smile:

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