What integration would you like to see next?



  • Wyze scale would be nice

  • Other (Discuss in comments)

    Oculus Quest. Both Quest 1 and Quest 2 now come with calorie burned tracker so should be relatively easy to pull data from there.

  • Running step count from Apple/Google Health would be a nice/simple win since y’all already have the Apple Health integration.

  • Other (Discuss in comments)

    Hello, Xiaomi Mi band5 / 6 and the app Mi fit.

  • Huawei

    It would be great to have Huawei Health support to sync workout data from my wearable.

  • Other (Discuss in comments)

    Another vote for an integration with HidrateSpark water bottles from me 🙌


  • Other (Discuss in comments)

    Wyze Scale. I would like integration with the full list of Wyze scale body measurements. I just started using the scale and it seems to be very accurate and easy to use. Numbers compare with my previous scale that cost 4x as much. Thank you

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