What integration would you like to see next?



  • Samsung

    Thanks Aaron, I have found you must have the BlueTooth verson or BlueTooth connector to sync from My Keto Cloud Connect. I am waiting for my order from Keto-Mojo to test.

  • Please integrate with Dexcom! I would pay for sure.

  • Integration with WearOS as a complication. Would be helpful to see a status of choice (Calories Remaining) at a glance.

  • I was going to get the keto mojo, but when I click on it in sharing, I get connected to amazon with what I assume is an older device, not the current GK+. Does the new device or the older device play well with cronometer? I prefer device connections that are proven, not that are trying to get the bugs worked out. Thanks

  • Samsung

    ReliOn Premier Blu Integration please

  • Samsung

    Renpho Scale integration

    Model ES-28ML

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    Zero and Renpho please!!

  • My vote definitely goes to a developer API - even if it’s only for coaching client accounts.

    I’ve had an idea brewing for a while that would make great use of having a way to grab user data - like macronutrient goals and all macro/micro nutrient intake by date and/or date range.

    I don’t think we need ways to programmatically add diary items or things like that since the app and web app are great as-is.

    Having programmatic access to client data would open up a lot of cool ways for developers, individuals and coaches to analyze data over time and make adjustments to reach long term goals.

  • Other (Discuss in comments)

    This would be very useful.

  • Devices to sync with to read/write data:

    Biostrap : HRV, sleep, breath rate, etc

    Wellue : O2 ring (pulse Oximeter)

    DayBand : blood pressure, body temperature, etc

    Wim Hof : meditation, breathwork, cold exposure, exercise, etc

    ViewRanger : hiking/cycling

    Adidas : running exercise, etc app

    vivoo : urine test strip app for PH, ketones, infections, etc

    contributing factors, data to sync:

    23andMe, and other DNA/analysis test data

    Patient Access : medical data, eg diabetes, vit D levels, blood count, conditions, etc

    clarity/Dexcom CGM : glucose monitor

    TIA :-)

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    I would love to see an integration with Lose It! I have tons of recipes built in there that I would love to be able to migrate over to chronometer and I am transitioning to chronometer for nutrient tracking.

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    I've mentioned it in a separate thread but it might be helpful to mention here -- I'd appreciate it if the already-existing Google Fit integration automagically pulled in all the biometric data Google Fit already has access to -- weight, heart rate, etc -- not just sleep and exercise.

  • @Gasquatch crono already pulls in weight...

  • Firstly we need a Dark Mode on this blog

    I have sent a lot of feedback and suggestions via the app, I am still waiting for these improvements

    eg read/write all data sets, with both Apple Health and Dexcom G6 app, to help us understand our glucose fluctuations factors :-) please

  • I would like to have Suunto app integrated 🙂

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    I’d love to see both an integration with myzone. I’ve used myzone for years to track my workouts. Its unfortunate other apps have integrations with myzone but Cronometer doesn’t. It would be extremely useful to have my workout activity inside Cronometer.

    In addition I think it would be great for an area to input consistent/reoccurring daily supplements/vitamins.

  • I also would like to have an option

    -to see an amount of vegetable and fruits (separately) I ate by day

    -nutrition balance with other minerals and vitamins (for example Fe and Ca etc)

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    Another cool integration would be with Wim Hof's breathing method app. I'd like to see the breath session and cold exposure times included in the diary

    @EvanMeier - I made 2 custom recipes that include all my daily vitamins. "Daily Supp AM YYYYMMDD" and "Daily Supp PM YYYYMMDD". This allows me to simply add the one entry while the date stamp allows me to keep track of changes to my supplementation over time.

  • I would love to see Cronometer integrated with Greger's Daily Dozen app. Is there any way that could be done? Here is the source code of their Android version: https://github.com/nutritionfactsorg/daily-dozen-android

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  • freestyle libre CGM

  • Other (Discuss in comments)

    Template days so I don't have to copy and paste 365 days a year?

    New information for food like GI numbers?

    Garmin connect?

    Live Well,


  • Samsung

    I wholeheartedly second the idea of template days. I am a very boring eater with little variance. :)

    you should find the GARMIN under settings | devices

    -- Finn!

  • Beta version is testing out the copy previous day option 😃

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    I'd like to see Garmin's calories burned over a 24 hour period, overlaid with the calories consumed here... It would be good to know why some days I just hit a wall even before I get to my actual workout.

  • I would like to see an Android WearOS watch complication that updates the "Calories Remaining" for the day.

    As a bonus, it would be awesome to have a WearOS app for quick food and calorie entry on the watch.

  • Is Cronometer giving us a list of what is going to be implemented ?

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