What integration would you like to see next?



  • Samsung

    Thanks Aaron, I have found you must have the BlueTooth verson or BlueTooth connector to sync from My Keto Cloud Connect. I am waiting for my order from Keto-Mojo to test.

  • Please integrate with Dexcom! I would pay for sure.

  • Integration with WearOS as a complication. Would be helpful to see a status of choice (Calories Remaining) at a glance.

  • I was going to get the keto mojo, but when I click on it in sharing, I get connected to amazon with what I assume is an older device, not the current GK+. Does the new device or the older device play well with cronometer? I prefer device connections that are proven, not that are trying to get the bugs worked out. Thanks

  • Samsung

    ReliOn Premier Blu Integration please

  • Samsung

    Renpho Scale integration

    Model ES-28ML

  • edited November 22

    Zero and Renpho please!!

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