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  • Another vote for TP integration. Love the look of Cronometer but won’t move from MFP until TP integration is an option I’m afraid.

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    Shocking that Whoop isn't in your list.

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    I would love a Zapier integration to be used with the Pro level accounts so we can pull data in from Cronometer to other places.

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    Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

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    Please add Whoop integration

  • Hi all - we're excited to announce that we've just launched a WHOOP integration. https://cronometer.com/blog/whoop/

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    Health Connect from Google.


    A simple way to share data between health, fitness, and wellbeing apps

    Health Connect by Android gives you a simple way to share data between your health, fitness, and wellbeing apps without compromising on privacy.

  • Samsung

    Can you not just integrate with Health Connect. This will then allow data from all different sources to connect to Chronometer in one go.

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    I've tried linking Cronometer to Google Fit and also to Samsung Health (the two apps that Cronometer supports on Android other than for devices). However, my nutrition information is never exported to either of them. Not sure what is going on but it is very disappointing. My thought was I could then connect to Health Connect from those two apps, but I never even get past the first step.

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    I would love an integration with Nutrisense!!!

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    I use InBody to track my body stats but can't get them into Cronometer. I have a fitbit linked but no way to connect InBody to it either.

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    Why/where have the android slide animations gone?

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  • TrainingPeaks integration please! MFP just doesn't get it, I love the capability of Crono - just one last data share and it would be the athlete's (or just simply people tracking diet & exercise) nirvana!

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    I would suggest integration with the Fitdays app.

    It is an app that links to a weight/body fat/etc. scale. Not sure how popular or in demand it is, but that is the one I use and would love to see an integration for it.

  • how is it that trainingpeaks and garmin dont have integrations? especially when their API docs are so availible..

    please add garmin and trainingpeaks!!

  • @cdrom1028 we already do integrate with Garmin! Training Peaks isn't accepting new API partners -- we've reached out to them multiple times with no luck. Feel free to let them know how you feel!

  • Nutrition data being sent to Samsung Health would be an asset

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    Other - trainerize. To stop the heat from my PT trying to get me to switch to My fitness pal for their integration. Alternatively an API so I can do it myself

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    An Alexa skill so we could add to log, get data, etc

  • Samsung

    That, Alexa Skill, is a fantastic idea!

    -- Finn!

  • Integration with one or more of the main recipe apps (Paprika, Whisk etc) would be great - I've been looking into the options out there, I really want to be able to have all of my recipes in one place instead of dotted around multiple apps as they currently are, but haven't found an app that does everything I'd really like it to do the way I want it to, however if one of them could work with Cronometer I think that would swing it for me to download that app!

  • I track my fasting with the Zero app. Would love to see this sync with Cronometer.

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    I came here for the Training Peaks discussion. I'm about to grudgingly buy another year of MFP, and, given the @Aaronic insight above--and assuming you want our business as baldly as we want Cronometer on TP--I feel like it's not off base to suggest the following: Just tell the triathlon/Training Peaks community where exactly we need to direct our rancor--if it's at Training Peaks, great--and give us an email address/community to flood. We're nothing if not tenacious--we're endurance athletes! Give us a goal! Look at how many people since at least 2018 have been begging for this integration. My girlfriend is a dietician, and in school she showed me how powerful Cronometer is, but, it doesn't integrate with the No. 1 triathlon training app.

    Tell us what we can do?! Tell us where exactly to strike the tree, and we'll bring it down for sure. We will make sure you can take our money if you just tell us where we need to direct our efforts!

  • Please connect Renpho

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    Integration with plantoeat.com! Ideally I'd love to build the recipe in Cronometer and then pull it over to Plan to Eat. I emailed their customer service also because it says they support .json files, but right now it seems their program doesn't like the .json file I exported out of Cronometer.

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    Amazfit would expand the options of device brands. My Fitbit is dying and I don’t want to get another. I would love to consider the more reasonably priced Amazfit, but not if I lose connectivity to Cronometer.

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    Withings+ integration as right now they only recommend MyFitness Pal and 2 others and they do not integrate Chronometer

  • HabitDash

    loooooooong time user (from the downloadable freeware days)

  • I just bought a Eufy Smartscale P2 Pro, so integration with Eufy scales would be nice. (I don't have it yet, but I'm hoping I can at least get weight and body fat% to sync via either Google Fit or Fitbit as the intermediary)

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